Wednesday, August 17, 2011

If I only had a name...

This post is about KennaKat's beloved animals.

When KennaKat was younger, she loved her animals but her ability to name them amounted to calling them "baby" or if it was an animal it would be called by what it was...a bear would be named "bear" etc.  

Then she moved to naming her baby dolls after friends and people she knew.  Her babies would be named after the most current new born and the "older" looking dolls were named after older friends.

Then one day a year or so ago, she branched out even farther and started coming up with the silliest names for her animals and toys.

Case in Point
Reference photo below:
Moving left to right we have: Brewster, Joey, Milky, Ting-Tong, and Charming
That little colorful plastic guy in front is named Joda-Pita

Her brother is also good at naming his toys.  Though he began just the same, naming all cat like animals after our 2 cats Shakespeare and Marlow.  But one day he grew and started coming up with random names on his own.  Like his snakes...Henry, Charlie, Monster Face to name a few.

I have been determined to never name a toy for my kids but rather encourage and accept whatever they come up with as their name.  I try to remember them all, but sometimes I get them mixed up and I get a half confused look and a "huh?"  Ahh well, such is life :)

The once or twice that I tried to suggest a list of names, I got shot down.  I'm glad because their names are hilarious and far better than anything that I could have come up with!

KennaKat caught me taking a picture of her animals and once I was done, she proceeded to pick up each one, kiss it, and say Good job!

KennaKat was named after my favorite doll when I was younger.  Maybe one day she'll name her own "doll" after a favorite toy that she played with.  Who knows!


Jane said...

So sweet - love how you have made her "space" so girly and E's manly. Good Mommy

Candi said...

So cute! Love their names! Haylei does this too. Naming things silly names. She does the rhyme-y names "Shaley-nailey" and "shanita-beeta". I have no idea. Hunter hasn't started this yet, only his favorite toy is "Cow". Yes, it's a huge stuffed cow he's had since a baby.

Marlan said...

love the toy names.