Sunday, August 28, 2011

We Have a Novelist in the family!!

OK, so maybe saying "novelist" is a bit of an exaggeration, but out of the blue on Wednesday, shortly before bed time (the day he turned 6), Ethylwolfe came running into the living room, very excited, and said "I have an idea for a book, please help me write it!"  So right then and there, he drew the cover of his first book.  He told me the idea of the book, and it was so funny.  Aside from helping come up with the title, and sounding out a few words, this book is his, I love it and am so proud of him for wanting to do this without encouragement from anyone else.  We finished it after school on Thursday and he shared it with his class on Friday.  His teacher was so excited and told him Thank You because after that, everyone in the class wanted to write their own books.

So here is it, "Frog's Home" written and Illustrated by Ethylwolfe

Frog's Home
Written and Illustrated
By Ethylwolfe

Frog jumps in a rabbits hole.

Frog climbs into a bird's nest.

Frog jumps into his log.

So there it is, we hope you enjoyed it.
Saturday, he wrote book number 2.
He's bringing that in on Monday to share with the class.
It's called "Frog's Dream" also very cute!

Have a lovely Sunday!


Jane said...

You too dear one. I LOVE the book - looks like your babies have inherited some of your talents. :)

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