Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Help

Sunday evening was spent with a lovely bunch of ladies.

We went to see The Help.

I think that it was completely wonderful.
The best all around movie that I've seen in a long time.
There was seriousness, tears, and tons of laughing...
everything that a proper chick flick should have.

The theater was incredibly packed and it was a matinee.
Everyone clapped when it was over...it was that good.

I was hoping to read the book before seeing the movie, but that didn't quite work out.
You see, Costco is currently selling the book, so the other week, I contemplated buying it.
But I didn't need to add to my list of non grocery purchases, plus, I don't like buying a book unless I know it's going to be awesome, and I just didn't know.  I've had my name on the waiting list at the library for a long time...last week, I was in position 156 and today I'm 127...slowly getting there!
Now that I know how awesome it is, I'll be buying it on my next trip to costco.

After the movie, we went to eat at Geer Street Garden.  
A new restaurant in downtown.
The majority of us ordered the fried chicken plate 
{yes, the movie made us crave it}
I'm happy to report it was delicious!  
The restaurant, like many others in the area, prides itself on using food from local farmers.  The atmosphere was relaxed and even though the wait was long, I had to stay because it smelled so darn good.  I can't wait to go back!


Candi said...

I can't wait to see this!!! I made an Old Fashioned Caramel cake the other day at work in honor of the release. :)

Marlan said...

sorry I missed dinner. glad you enjoyed it.