Sunday, August 7, 2011

Busy Week and weekend

I've been sooo busy lately.  If it weren't for my little black pocket calendar that I bought for this year, I'd be lost.  I know that I would have missed a dozen events or more.  (Best under $5 purchase ever).  As you know from my long winded loopy rant the other night, I've been busy with school stuff.  

Also dentist visits.  KennaKat got a teeny tiny cavity filled and she was the best.patient.ever.  No whining, no crying, no screaming.  Just complete well behaved good sportiness.
My cute patient

Her prize for being a great patient

Tricia invited us and Nani over for a swim with her and page2.  It was so nice having the pool to ourselves.
Then she treated us to lunch, how fantastic!
Page2 jumping in

By the end of our swimming KennaKat was jumping in without making me catch her.
 KennaKat has been spending lots of time putting together puzzles lately.
Nani brought back a large floor puzzle for Ethylwolfe when she went to the beach a few months ago and KennaKat can put it together in under 5 minutes now.
This Madeline puzzle is just a small one that we just got from Ollies.
I gave her my camera and now we have 10 pictures of this puzzle :)

This weekend was our convention.  There was such a huge turnout.
Sunday the attendance was over 10,000!
49 people were baptised this weekend, including at least 4 from our congregation and an old friend that I grew up with, who has worked hard to make the truth her own.

We're so proud of you April!!!

A blury picture of me and my girl on Saturday

Ethylwolfe and his NonE (his spelling)

I finally hand delivered Tricia's prize!
 E's teacher read the class a book "It's OK to be different" then had the kids paint themselves and say it's ok to be {something about themselves}.
Here is Ethylwolfe's...
Ethylwolfe said "It's ok to be a weirdo" and he told his teacher... "because sometimes I'm weird")
I love it!
 Kris's sister is getting married in less than 2 weeks!
Saturday night, Kris threw her a surprise lingerie shower, and she was actually surprised!
Woohoo!  Everyone had a great time and I couldn't be happier for this happy couple.

I didn't really remember to take pictures for Sunday.
Here are the kids walking around and touching what they aren't supposed to...

And we bumped into KFC and her parents.
B's face cracks me up.  And KFC was upset because a boy hit her.
Not only was she hit, but that terrible crime was committed by a boy...she doesn't like boys :)

K&P joined us at the convention today, along with K's very sweet study.  I'm annoyed that I always forget to take pictures, so I have none to show of their cool African inspired dresses :(
We enjoyed Red Robin for dinner, and now we are home, relaxing from a very busy week and weekend.


Marlan said...

Enjoyed being with all of you. As I always do. love

Jane said...

Just got on-line - love the pictures. Enjoyed our swimming also. Turned the key back to Nee and J.T. - what a wonderful gift they gave me while Page2 was with me. I need to come up with a nice surprise for them. Any ideas?

Nessa said...

10,000 people! Wow! That must have been amazing. Your pool pictures make me want to go swimming :)