Monday, August 1, 2011

The UnBlogged July

July was a busy month, and I'm proud of how many posts I got around to posting.
Believe it or not, there were still many things that I didn't post at all.
Here are some things I actually have pictures of 
If only I could get into the habit or recording every fun thing with pictures, 
there'd be quite a bit more blog posts for you to read...
{Maybe it's a good thing that I forget to use my camera most of the time}

Shaded park time with our buddies

Snoballs have become our Tuesday routine after lunch and story time

I think this was C&K's first snoball visit

Cars2 and Super8 at the drive-in with Kris and her brother and sister and soon to be, brother in law

We got there early so the kids enjoyed playing and running around on the lawn before the movie started.

Light Saber action

Teeth cleaning for KennaKat at the dentist.

2 Very successful dentist visits for Ethylwolfe.
1 teeth cleaning and 1 tiny cavity filled.
No tears, no drama, just right.

Ice Skating with JTN

Lots of slips and slides for KennaKat

The kids met their cousin B2

Swimming and Dinner @ K&P's place

double vested

Triple Noodles
 We were spoiled with 2 swimming days in a row!
What a great way to spend the last 2 days of summer vacation for Ethylwolfe!

Secret friend handshakes under water

Lots of silly underwater faces

2 cute girls D and K

CannonBalls and swimming for Ethylwolfe

Being a good mommy and helping her baby see out of the window.
This is what she does every time she brings a baby in the car :)

Pretending to be the story man at the library and reading to her babies.

Snoballs and service with P&K

Their second trip to Snoballs with us this month :)

Random picture taken by KennaKat at the snoball place of a passing semi
And that's the rest of our month, that we at least took pictures of.

Can you believe it's August???
3 of us will be turning a year older this month...
Good thing we don't celebrate B-days, or we'd be broke.
{Oh wait, we already are, ha}
Ethylwolfe will be 6, Hubster will be 29 {1 more year to old man status}, and I'll be 27.
I hope this weather eases up on us.
I noticed that for the next 10 days, there will be NO 100+ degree days...
Hopefully they are right.


Jessi B said...

The 2nd picture of her holding the babydoll to see out the window.....normally to me she just looks like you :) Butttttttttt in that picture all I can see is other Katie when she was her age!! How cute! Looks like her auntie sometimes.

Jane said...

As usual - LOVE all the pictures of your life. I think Kenna's hair is "cute" BUT I want the LONG hair BACK! :)

Marlan said...

What a great month

Candi said...

I feel the same about the's going by too fast. I'm just getting around to posting my meal plan for the week. A day short! Oh well, I guess it's posted and that's all that matters! Love your pictures, fun times!

Speckled Kat said...

I have to laugh Jessi because how old were you when Katie was 3? In your mommy's belly? hahaha