Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Nice Day

Coming out of the meeting today, it was wonderful!  
The sky was dark and the weather was cool!
We stopped for snoballs on our way home, and we actually felt chilly.
When we got home, we quickly changed and played outside.
We were outside for about an hour and a half when I had enough of the mosquitos.
The kids got in a lot of bike and scooter riding.
We relaxed, it was great.
I can't wait until it's fall!
{I really hope we have a real fall this year}

Big jumps

Sweaty hat head

Me whizzing by on the scooter, taken by Ethylwolfe
That guy I love

Relaxing after hard play

I hope you were able to enjoy the wonderful break in hotness today.


Jane said...

Actually I finally gave up the ghost and took a really long nap this afternoon. I snored because my throat was sore (and Page confirmed it) :). Man - I never take naps but I think I really needed it. Still not doing great w/tummy. Love your yard and where you live for being able to ride bikes, etc..

Marlan said...

what a great day