Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cheap Book Score!

After picking Ethylwolfe up from school, we swung by the library to check out new books.
On my way out the door, my eye stopped at the cart of books for sale.
What was this large hardcover book that caught my eye?
None other than...

I was so excited!  And with a price tag of $3 I was thrilled!
Ecstatic once I found out that I had exactly $3 in my wallet.
They had a whole slew of classic books...
Jane Austen, Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, etc
Many of them were hardcover for just a buck or two.
But I own those, or have read them, but I neither own, nor have I read Gone with the Wind.
I look forward to tucking in the kids tonight and pouring through the pages of this book!
Once I've finished reading it, I'll rewatch the movie and compare and contrast...I love doing that :)


lovinmesomeKFC said...

What time were you there? Kaile and I were there for the kids science thing from 2-3pm. I saw the lady adding more books to that cart as I was leaving. Funny, cause I thought about looking through the books then I thought nah

Jane said...

Wow - what a great first day. Marie was here (bringing Samantha home from and evening at their home of "game night") and was excited to see who E got for 1st grade. She is wondering if they are just going to send all of the JW kids to her. Sounds good to me. She loves their school. I showed her your blog and she plans to follow it when she can. Such a sweet young woman.

Marlan said...

Ahh Gone with the Wind. Probably the best movie rendering of a book ever done. There is a lot in the book that they could not put in the movie, but the essence is all there.