Thursday, July 14, 2011

Crayon rolls

One of the many things on my to sew list if I ever learned how to sew was to make crayon holders for the kids.  After a few trials and errors, I successfully sort-of mastered it.  I still have kinks to work out with my sewing maching, we aren't on speaking terms right now.  But I'm pleased none the less.
This holder holds 24 twistable crayola crayons 
{I heart them for the meetings, no mess, no fuss, just fun, twistableness}
This pouch is for KennaKat's meeting bag.



Filled up
Rolled up

 I'd tell you how to make them, but there are pros out there who can do it better than I can.  Mine was a culmination of an idea in my head, mixed with mistakes, mixed with anger once I saw a how to online that was very similar to what I was trying to accomplish.  Here it is, it's not the same, but it gives a good starting point to making something of your own.

I love having them in the kids meeting bags, along with a nice artists notebook.

Other things on my to make list are: awesome super hero capes, aprons and chef hats.
If I ever make it to the scrap exchange for more cheap, awesome fabric, I'll get started on some of those other projects.  Oh yeah, I have to rekindle a friendship with my machine...that may take time...


Candi said...

You are a pro! I'm having problems following dress this idea though, very cute!

Jane said...

Love it - you are so talented at everything you do.