Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mullet Child

Thine eyes doest not deceivest thee.
That IS a pile of hair.
Cut by none other than, KennaKat.
I woke up yesterday morning to a conversation {or better yet, a lecture} between Ethylwolfe and KennaKat.
It went something like this...

E: KennaKat, what is that?
K: Nothing!
E: Is that hair?
K: Nooooo.
E: KennaKat, you are supposed to cut paper, NOT hair!
K: Nooooooooooo!  Don't look at it!
{then I hear a little scuffling and running and I find KennaKat now in my room}
K: Mommy, can you see my hair on the floor?
Me: WHAT?!?
E: Mommy, come see what KennaKat did!
K: I'm sorry mommy!  Don't look.
Me: Well, I kind of have to don't I?
K: Don't look! Don't look!
Me: Take me to your hair... {There on the floor in the toy room, is a pile of hair mixed in with cut up paper} WOW! That's a lot of hair!...  Why did you cut your hair?
K: Because....Because...I don't want girl hair, I want boy hair...because, I don't want knots.
Me: sigh...why did you have to cut it all off the top?

She was so sorry for what she did and ashamed, I didn't get upset, I actually felt sorry for her.  I kept my cool, called a hair stylist and prepared myself for a pixie cut.  She cut a lot of thickness off the underneath and  all of her top hair front to back down the part is 1 inch long.

At the Salon, we discussed possibilities.  I suggested the pixie cut because really, I hate comb overs and the stylist agreed that that's the only way to really "fix" it.  After including some other coworkers who yelled "Don't cut off all her hair!", we decided on evening out the length that she cut out and a comb over with side bangs.   She absolutely loved the whole experience.  I waited in the lobby with Ethylwolfe as they washed her hair and gave her her first professional cut and style.  She was so proud and happy that they fixed her hair.

So here she is, with her first big girl cut.  I was really hoping to do this when she turned 5 or maybe almost 6 when she starts K, NOT at 3.  It will need a constant bow or headband to contain the spikes.  I don't know, I'm kind of thinking maybe we should have done the pixie cut...


Katie said...

Oh no! You did good keeping your cool. I like the picture. It looks really good and it will grow in no time! I say keep it that length cuz she still looks like a little girl...also I say its because of some of her older friends getting their hair cut that she decided to do it. ;-)

Jessi said...

haha I agree with Katie! Everybody's doing it!!! :P It looks good according to the picture :)

Candi said...

She looks adorable! You did so good keeping your cool. I hope if that was me, I'd been about to keep cool,but I doubt it. It will grow out so fast, and all you'll have are memories.

AmberN225 said...

You don't know me. I came across your daughter's pictures in a google image search. I was cracking up to see the ridiculous similarities to what my daughter did a few years ago. Sometimes it's nice to know you're not the only one with a sweet daughter that has to have a combover :). Hers looked really good! I hope it's growing out well :). Here is my blog post from my daughter's doozy: Enjoy :).