Thursday, July 14, 2011

Convention Day 3

So we've made it to Sunday.
It was amazing.
All 3 days, my ears were glued to what the speaker was saying and what was going on.  I'm so thankful that my kids were well behaved and that the only time I had to get up with them was for bathroom breaks.  For that, I am very very  thankful!
It was a real spiritual FEAST!
Brother Morris gave excellent talks all 3 days as did all of the other brothers and sisters who worked so hard for the benefit of us, the audience, so much time, preparation, hard work and love.  
And as excited as I was that I got so much knowledge, 
I was sad that it was over.
Back to the world, the regular daily routine, boo, I can't wait till the New System!

I can't wait until all of you have had your convention so that I don't have to keep my mouth shut any longer and we can discuss all the points that we loved, and the dramas, wow, the dramas, I boohoo'ed a LOT on Saturdays, I guess because it hit so close to home, being a parent, but it was touching.  The kids called me out afterwards, when it was silent "Mommy, why are you crying?"  Nice and loud for all to hear.  I said it was because I really really liked it.  They were a bit confused, but they'll get it one day.  That you can cry when you're happy.  But that day is a long way off, and I know I'll get called out a LOT before then.  Ah well!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Sunday evening, we chilled at Bri's house, grilled out, and relaxed.

Monday, we went to the Lake, it was lovely, the water was perfect, there was tons of good company.  B and I tubed on the back of the boat, ouch, I'm still sore.  I guess it's official, I am O-L-D!  To come to that realization at the age of 26 is a bit humbling, but don't worry about me, I'm humbled every day I look at my 2 beautiful children and see them grow right before my eyes.

The only picture taken on Monday was on the car ride home.

My 3 favorite people, all squished together, and very tired
Stop pretending that you weren't sleeping you fake awaker you.


Jessi Brown said...

I'm SO SO SO SO excited! Leaving for convention tomorrow!!!!! I can't wait to cry!!! haha. Love ya! Hope all is well. Tell the kids hi for me :)

Jane said...

Oh my - he was a little crowded back there wasn't he? Hope I didn't put you guys out too much leaving earlier than planned.

Candi said...

Great pics of the convention! I always tell the kids "faker-faker-heartbreaker".