Monday, July 11, 2011

Convention Day 1

I decided to split up the convention between 3 posts to highlight each day.

{Enjoy day numero uno!}

The whole coliseum was abuzz with excitement about the spiritual food that we would be receiving.

The kids were well behaved.

I was able to take lots of notes.

I feasted on Spiritual Food by day and Mexican by night.

The first day was wonderful!


Candi said...

Love love love her little dress! Did you make it? It's adorable!

Marlan said...

thank you for the triple chin picture. Guess it's good I'm not too vain. LOL

Speckled Kat said...

I thought that picture of you was very pretty.
Candi - I WISH I could make a dress like that!! It's from Baby Gap years ago, that I hunted down on Ebay a year or 2 ago :)

Katie said...

Shutty Mom! Its a good picture! =p...ok so when I saw the first pictures I thought "Where was there a pool??" Haha! I forgot about the fountain! Great pictures of the kids and I love your synopsis of the day! =) Looking forward to 2 and 3!