Monday, July 4, 2011


Home from a great weekend of Spiritual Food!!!
We went to Roanoke to enjoy the convention.
And enjoy it we did.
Brother Morris from the GB gave wonderful, excellent talks.
We had four other visiting brothers!
The dramas were AMAZING.
{I cried}
I come home with many goals that I already had, now just bursting out of me to want to fulfill.
The end is so near, and I am so eager.
Eager to do more, to simplify, to be no part of this world.
I'm tired of excuses.
Most of the family was there 
that made it extra special to enjoy a spiritual feast with loved ones.
{Pictures to come when I am not so tired}
Katie's Bible student got BAPTISED!!
We are so happy for them!
Don't worry, to those of you who have not had it, I will not spoil it for you, but... wow!

My goal for a long time has been to move and work in seldom worked territory.
What's your goal?


Marlan said...

So wonderful to be together.

Candi said...

Can't wait! Ours is July 22-24 in Duluth. It's funny, but after we attended the 2003 Intl Conv in Kiev, Ukraine, I didn't really establish any new goals for myself. More recently I realized it was important to me to make it through this system with all my children in tow. So I'm working on that. Making sure my little ones have a special relationship with Jehovah so they'll never leave Him.