Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Slip N Slide

Wednesday of last week, we had some friends over to slip and slide.
Although I didn't get any good shots from that day, I thought I would share pictures of all the fun we've had on it this summer so far.

The hubster bought a shock proof, under water camera on sale at Costco.  It has been fun testing it out on the slip n slide with the kids.

Slip N Slides are the best!  I have great memories of having them over summer as a kid.
I've gone down this slip n slide quite a bit, but with my sore back, it really wasn't the best idea.  I just hurt it even more.
{it was worth it}
Best $20, ever!


Candi said...

how fun! I wanted to ask you what program you use to collage your photos. They always look so pretty!

Speckled Kat said...

Thanks Candi!
I use Adobe Indesign but practically all photo editing programs have a photo merge setting, you just have to find it :)

Katie said...

Slip-n-slides are the greatest invention EVER! Loved them in the summer too! I may need to come by this summer and slide with my neice and nephew! =D

Marlan said...

so much fun. Great memories of Brandon and Katie on the slip-n-slide.