Monday, June 27, 2011

Play date and pool time

Last Tuesday was a very busy day for us...



Play Date

Monday Night, D sent out the pool invite, and it was just what we were hoping/waiting for.  We packed up our stuff and headed to the pool after story time.

We joined our friends for lunch pool side and enjoyed the lovely cool water well into the afternoon.

Generally, the kids start getting fussy and that gives the cue to head home, but this time, they kept enjoying themselves, laughing, and playing together, we eventually just had to leave.  Is this a glimpse into how outings with our growing kids will be from now on?  How will we decide when it's time to leave if no tears are involved?  Hmm...

We set up a play date for 'Boy' to join us over at the homestead after the pool and that's exactly what happened.  The kids kept having fun and getting along, that eventually I just had to say "it's getting late, let's take you home".  If this is the way things are going to be from now on, will I just have to set a play time timer?  How will I know when enough is enough without the tell-tell signs of tears, arguments, and toy un-sharing?

The pool had pretty much pooped them out, so we kept the playing indoors.  They built, ran around, laughed, hugged, said lots of "I love you's", played video games, ate all of their dinner, and got along great.  'Boy' even asked when he could spend the night, and when I asked "when do you want to?" he said "RIGHT NOW!!!"  Well, we'll just have to save that for next time!

I love reliving summer through my children.
The endless summer days, the relaxation, the fun, the laughs, the silliness, ahhh the memories!


Jane said...

What a wonderful day!!!! The pool looks declicious and I love seeing Boy with your sweet ones. I really liked the picture where KennaKat has pretty much laid "claim" to him with that arm around his shoulder so casually. :)

Marlan said...

what a wonderful day. So glad there were no tears or fighting. I doubt it will last. I too always enjoyed summer with the children. We had some great days.