Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I forgot to wrap up May...

We've been so busy that I forgot to give a nice little wrap up for the month of May.
Before I do though, what do you think of the remodeled site?
I'm thinking maybe a new look every few months?
What do you think about the tunes?

{So this is May}

A Black Swallowtail Butterfly laid eggs on one of Garry's dill plants,
so he gave it to us to observe the metamorphosis.
Unfortunately for us {and them}, the last remaining caterpillar died the day after we got back from NY so we didn't get to complete the observation :(  But here is one plump little guy right before we left for our trip.

We siblings met up for dinner in Gboro, I didn't get many pictures but here are a few....

{I really need to be better about getting everyone in pictures}

We had another date night.
Painted some pottery
{Husband refused & contented himself by watching me}
Ate at Carrburritos
{One of my favorite places, mainly because of the homemade flour chips and chipotle salsa}
Then we enjoyed some of the sights of C-hill until our time was up.

{My completed pottery piece}

A trip to the mall with Nani

{Yes, I am now aware that I only took pictures of KennaKat}

Our first meeting after we returned from NY, 2 very sleepy kids :)

Ready yourself for a load of pictures....
The last Saturday of the month, we went to our friends house.
Several families got together and rented tons of awesome stuff...
Water slides, bounce house, regular slide, popcorn maker, 
and a cotton candy machine.
The kids had a blast, and I got camera happy :)

This completes our month of May, or atleast the parts that I took pictures of.

Have a lovely day :)


Jane said...

Sounds like May was a wonderful month all around. Couldn't make out which home the end of May party was held at. Looked like tons of fun. LOVE the pottery bowl you painted - especially the colors. Hoping this comment makes onto your page..we'll see.

Jane said...


Marlan said...

what a wonderful month. Enjoyed having the children with us so very very much.

Candi said...

So fun!!! I love the pottery you did!