Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Date Night, Dinners, Farmers Market

Do not forsake the gathering of yourselves together

There is nothing like sitting around and enjoying dinner with family and friends and we've been full of wonderful moments like that this week.

Lisa Pizza had us over to her place for some good food Wednesday night.
We had yummy tacos and good association.
Her sister Lori Story along with her roomies, were there.
Lisa played some awesome beats on the bass
The kids caught Fireflies
It was good times!

This weekend, Ana and Lani came to town.
Saturday, we visited the Farmer's Market, our first time this year.
Nani bought a HUGE bucket of blackberries and made some delicious blackberry cream pies.
Ana's belly has definitely poked out, I can't WAIT to meet my new niece!!
We hung out at M&G's until it was time for our date night.
The kids spent the evening playing with friends and we headed out for some one on one time!

We saw X-men.
{Much better than expected}
For dinner, we had African.
{Good, but definitely NOT real African food}
For dessert, we went to Brightleaf and tried blueberry cheesecake...
it was nasty {I guess NY spoiled us} so we traded it in for a Strawberry Crepe
A nice enjoyable evening with that guy I love :)

Sunday, We headed back over to M&G's 
for dinner with family and friends.

I knew Z&D with their twin girls would be there
But Tricia's presence was a nice surprise.

We enjoyed good food, yuuummmy blackberry cream pie, 
and good friends.

Ethylwolfe & ClaireBear were good buddies as per usual lately
and he made a crown of flowers for her hair.

The kids ended the night by catching fireflies.
The fireflies were aplenty and KennaKat caught about 20...
{no exaggeration}

The new week has already started with lots of fun, and more in store.
I can't wait to share more adventures and pictures.
Tah tah for now.


Jane said...

You have got to teach me how to make photo collages for my blog. AND YES - I'm going to snatch a few of yours for my own blog so my babies can look at them too. It was so nice being with the family - and in service. Can't wait to see you on Thursday.

Candi said...

Looks like y'all are enjoying your summer!