Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Family Worship Night

I had to share The Husbster's idea for family worship last week.  He made a little person out of a wire coat hanger.  Then had me draw Spiritual Armor, We each colored a few of the pieces and  attached them. We read Eph.6:14-18, discussed what each one was, why we need it, and then had a quiz game afterwards.

We all really enjoyed it and the kids still remember what they are. Yay!

What are your Family Worship Nights like?


Candi said...

You are so creative!!! Our family worship night consists of us singing the songs for the week...watching youtube videos that some of the brothers have created to go along with the songs. Preparing a simple comment for the kids. I need to get on the ball and get creative with it. It's hard to keep the kid's attention but I think you have mastered it! We might have to copy your ideas ;) My husband doesn't have a creative bone in his poor body and he usually leaves it up to me to figure it out.

Jane said...

So cute...what a great way to keep the kids interested.

Marlan said...

what fun for all of you.