Saturday, June 11, 2011

One Room Down...

Unfortunately no, this mess has not been staged.
The kids toy room was completely out of hand, without proper storage areas it would quickly change from clean to disaster in less than a day.
After wanting to put shelves in the closet for months now, I finally got around to doing it.
{All by myself!}

The metal rack that is shown to the right of the closet used to serve as the toy storage area, but it was unstable and couldn't fit all of the toys on it.  So, it has been disassembled and most toys are now stored inside the closet.  The rest of the room has been rearranged.

I hung a really long shelf on the wall in front of the art table.

I have been searching my head for ideas on how to display the kids art work in a cool inexpensive way.
As I was purchasing supplies for hanging the shelf, it came to me.
I'll use the individual sides of the metal rack, hang them from the shelf, 
and make a display wall.
So, that's what I did.
Now it looks like a real art space instead of a random table shoved in the corner.

I also put a small shelf above the kids kitchen that I made a few years ago, and I'll eventually put some hooks underneath to hang the cooking utensils.

The space is nice and clean for now.
We got rid of 5 boxes worth of stuff{toys and trash.
It has survived for 2 whole days without disaster or mess.
Now that everything has a place, hopefully cleanup will be much easier.
We'll see :)

I still want to repaint the room.
I want to paint the entire room in chalkboard paint, but hubby says no.
I know I'll atleast have different sections of the wall designated for that purpose.

So, one room down, the rest of the house to go.
The past few weeks, I have been going through the house trying to organize, throwing things away, and simplifying.
Notice I didn't say cleaning...hah, yeah, I need to do that too.


Jane said...

LOVE the new organized play room. As always - you are a wonderful Mommy. I miss you and want to see you soon. Service soon?

Marlan said...

Love it so much. want to see it in person and draw at the art table LOL

Jessi Brown said...

Very nice!! I agree with Brandon about the entire room being painted chalkboard....can you imagine all that chalk dust the kids would be inhaling?? Yikes!! I think the purple already looks great!! :D Good job organizing!!!

lovinmesomeKFC said...

OMG, when I saw that first picture I almost had an anxiety attack!!! Yes our house looks like that too and it always stresses me out to even think about where to start. But WOW did you do a great job at organizing! We also need A LOT of organization around our house. I think this post may have motivated me! :)

Candi said...

You did amazing job with that!!! I love the color on the walls too. Sort of an inspiring color, I think. I'll probably be CASEing your idea! :)