Thursday, June 9, 2011

Science Share

I can't believe I forgot to mention 
the Science Share!

In the beginning of May, Ethylowolfe's school had its yearly Science Fair (but they call it a share, because it's not a competition, it's just whomever wants to share something sciency, may come and do so.)

Ethylwolfe's project of choice was about capacity.

He made several different shaped aluminum boats and filled them with pennies to see which one would hold the most.

He made a hypothesis, charts, we took lots of pictures and made a large display filled with what he learned.

Of course the one shaped like the arc won!  Holding over 200 pennies!

Several of his friends stopped by for support along with Guncle Paycake {I miss him calling him that}, and Nani and Papa.

There were tons of cool projects on display.  Ethylwolfe found it way more cool to walk around and look at other stuff than explain his project over and over again :]

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Candi said...

What a fun project!