Friday, April 22, 2011

A Special Memorial

{A Special Memorial}

What can make a Memorial even more special?

~~Spending it with loved ones~~

As you know from a previous post, 
Ethylwolfe invited his Papa to the Memorial.


Since Papa was coming, we went to Nani's hall.

Being at Nani's hall made it a lot more special because we got to visit with so many 
of our great friends.

I tried to get a nice shot of the group of kids
but... they were in major silly mode.

{And this is only half of the large group 
of kids at this hall}

Ethylwolfe's silliness rubbed off on CS 
in a big way.

{Spinning... Dancing... Air Guitar}

Forgot to take before shots of the family

So enjoy some of us after

How was your memorial?

Ours was fantastic!


Jane said...

Ours was fantastic too. We had 251 - we have 103 publishers but several families went to other Memorials. Only those who know Brandon will realize that is his shoe he is trying to take off - probably without loosing the laces. :)

Marlan said...

Love the pictures. LOVE that you were there to share it with Garry and me.

Jessica said...

cute and mine was okay i wish i could stop by Anytime but maybe next time if you are not busy again sis tell all them i say hi love each other and see them someday when i am with you sometime sis