Thursday, April 7, 2011

A New Friend

Look who has a new friend! 
We had the pleasure of working with Lisa in service all day Wednesday.  Slowly but surely, Lisa won over KennaKat's heart.  
This is the last house that we worked.
As Lisa got out to go with another sister, KennaKat demanded 
"I want to go with Lisa!"  
{She remained in Lisa's arms the entire time}
Yep, someone has a new friend and her name is Lisa Pizza.
She even screamed "I WOVE WEESA PIZZA!" about a million times.
Little Miss was not happy about saying "good-bye" either.
...I'm only a little jealous...


Candi said...

That is so sweet! She's loving service! We've been out this week and the it's been really good, but exhausting for the kids. Tomorrow we're going out in the morning and then off to Savannah for the weekend to visit family. Hoping to get to the beach Saturday afternoon or evening. :)

Jane said...

Awww - so glad she has a new friend and that you both had a great day in service. I got to spend some time with Roseanne today which I enjoyed. After my medical appointment and her hair cut, we met for lunch and then went on my study. Nice to be with her. Sorry about Saturday - just isn't going to work out but I plan to order something. Might want you to order it for me.

Speckled Kat said...

Awesome Candi! Have a fun trip! Hopefully the weather and water will be wonderful!!
Ticia, let me know if you want me to order something for you, but I know Kristyn wont expect it. Sorry you wont be able to make it either. I was hoping for a driving buddy. :)

Jessica said...

cool sis and i don't if i know her maybe you let me know if i saw her before or not this year