Saturday, April 23, 2011


KennaKat's bows and headbands were 
out of control

In need of a special place to call home.

A place where they wouldn't get lost 
in a jumble of clutter on her dresser,
& could possibly look as cute as a decoration, 
as they do adorning the top of her head.

**Meet Bow'quet**

I must admit that I love her.

She keeps things orderly and adorable 
on top of the currently cleared off dresser top.

{That wont last long because the dresser top generally houses all of the out-grown clothes that will be passed on to cousin Lani, that have not yet made it to the large bags in the closet}

The creation of this little cutie was free

If you'd like to make one for yourself, 
this is how to do it:

Oatmeal container
Mod Podge or glue
2 sheets of Pretty Paper 
{I used that of the scrapbooking origin}
Container stuffer
Cute bows and Headbands

  • Coat oatmeal container with Mod Podge
  • Place paper around container
  • Smooth out air bubbles (I'm not so great at that) 
  • Coat top of paper & remaining container with Mod Podge
  • Cover with 2nd sheet of paper
  • Smooth out air bubbles
  • Apply another coat of Mod Podge
  • Allow to dry
  • Gather sticks while getting pounced on by eager puppy hopeful of playing fetch
  • Clip bows onto tips of sticks
  • Arrange sticks in container
  • If sticks are too low, stuff the bottom of the container with paper, or better yet, foam



Marlan said...


Jessi said...

cutest thing ever!!!

Kevin said...

LOVE THIS!!! Great idea!!!

Jane said...

You are sooooo talented.

Jessica said...

cute picture and love the lamp and with the color i like really bad sis