Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Thursday of last week, we joined Heather and Kaile on a trip to the Natural Sciences Museum.  This was mine and the kids first time there and I think H&K's as well.  The Museum has a special exhibit right now called 'Animal Grossology'.  It's about all things gross in the animal world.  

Blood sucking creatures...

stomachs, intestines, 

poop eaters...

poop in general

slimy creatures

and more.  I was a tad disappointed because I was expecting real exhibits of live examples of these gross things.  It was however, all fake.  All of the stations were very hands on for the kids.  There were videos, play structures, moving models, things to smell, noises, (a cow that farts and burps, etc)

 So, the kids enjoyed it, and it was neat, as well as educational.  

I think the coolest part of the museum was petting animals in the 'live' section. I don't remember what it's called.  But, every week, this guy brings in animals to talk about and let the kids touch. For our viewing and touching pleasure, we got to pet a baby american alligator, a black rat snake, and a Madagascar cockroach.  The kids thought it was awesome!  

They also really enjoyed the dinosaur bones and other giant animal skeletons like the blue whale.

  The museum is a cool place and it's free, except for the special exhibits.  I plan on going back again real soon.  The craziest part about the day was that we apparently went on 'Field Trip Day'.  There were HUNDREDS of kids from various schools and it was a mad house.  Dodging the crowds was crazy.  So, next time, I'll call first and make sure there aren't any schools visiting that day.
If you haven't been to the Natural Science Museum, I suggest you check it out, it's awesome!


lovinmesomeKFC said...

I went to WIC the next day after we went and there were a couple people in there that was saying their older children where on a Field trip there the day before! I told them we ran into ALL those kids!!!

Marlan said...

sounds great. I have never been and would love to go sometime.

Jessica said...

wow sis and so cool and so cool with mckenna's clothes and things for now