Friday, April 22, 2011

Bottom Bunk Blues

{Bottom Bunk Blues}
For those of you who grew up with bunk beds, you know how freakin awesome they are.
I could write a book about all of the adventures my siblings and I had with our bunk beds while growing up, but I wont....  
If you've ever had bunk beds you'll remember that the top bunk is totally awesome while being stuck on the bottom can be pretty lame.  
That's how it has been for KennaKat.  Ethylwolfe is 5 and she is 3.  Being doomed to the bottom bunk for the next 2 years isn't such hot news to a 3 year old who wants to be as big as her big brother.  She has had bottom bunk blues for a few weeks now.
SO, what to do?  
Make the bottom bunk totally awesome!

That's what!!


Mommy said...

Will you come over and re-do my bed?? LOVE IT!

lovinmesomeKFC said...

Awww thats cute! I want to sleep there! I would love to get a bunk bed for Kaile later on. Was just looking at them today at pottery barn kids... and no I can not afford that place, just dreaming :)

Speckled Kat said...

Thanks guys!
I LOVE {Dreaming} about shopping at PB! That place is awesome :)

Marlan said...

SO CREATIVE. I'm sure she loves it now. I sure do.

Jessica said...

that is so cool sis