Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Ethylwolfe is growing up...

April second has come and gone.

Today started the campaign for the Memorial of Jesus' death.  It was a simply beautiful day.  Clear skies, bright and cheery, a little chilly but not too bad.  There was wind though....  I must admit that I wish that I had rethought the flowy skirt for today's service attire.  On more than one occasion, I felt my skirt flying up around me when a big gust blew in.  I worked with Ethylwolfe in service and I was using him and everything I had, to hold down my free spirited wardrobe....I was NOT trying to have a Marilyn Monroe moment....yikes.

Speaking of Ethylwolfe, (every time I think about that name, I just laugh.  Really Babe, you really thought that naming our son Duncan Ethylwolfe would be a good choice?  Really?....Thank you for not sticking to your first selection, thank you very much.) 

Now, back to my story....

I worked with Ethylwolfe this morning in service.  Just my buddy and me.  He was able to present the invitations at the doors, and I must admit that I was grinning from ear to ear as he gave his presentation.  Here's what most of his presentations sounded like....

"Hello, my name is _____.  I have a special invitation for you and your family.  I would like for you to come to the Memorial of Jesus Death."  He would then show them the invitation and open it up for the details of the location and time.

He was so cute at his first door.  Slightly nervous.  "Now what should I say again mom?"  Then he'd repeat and repeat and repeat.  The first time someone answered, he got it so jumbled but in the end said, "please come, it's very important, it's Jesus' memorial!"  While holding the invitation up to the guy.  His heart melted and he sincerely thanked him and said he would try to come.    

I love when we have special invitations to pass out because it makes it much easier for him to give a full presentation by himself.  He's been doing it for several years now, this one being the longest one, and sounding waaay too grown up.

During our service day, he kept making sure that we saved an invitation for his Papa, so that he could come too.  (He thinks everyone needs a personal invitation or they can't come:)  He practiced for a bit on what he wanted to say to Papa when he gave him his invitation, but I think when we saw them later in the day, he forgot and just handed it to him :)  Nani made us a nice dinner and we got to spend the rest of the day with them.  It was hard pulling KennaKat away ;)

Having children is a very emotional, bittersweet experience.  Every day changes.  They grow right before my eyes.  Every accomplishment is a wonderful celebration and it makes me so proud, but boy, it really is tear-jerking to realize that they are getting older.  Every milestone takes them further and further away from that sweet little bundle of perfection that I held and kissed the very first time we met.  I can't wait to see the man and little woman that they become, but I hope to catch and savor, all of the little moments that come before then.


Katie said...

MAN! Are you trying to make us cry Speckled Kat! ;-) I hope Papa comes. =)

Marlan said...

Love that he wanted to bring an invitation for Papa.
savor every moment because the life of being a child is short and never to be repeated. How I loved it.

Jessica said...

that's so cool sis love you