Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Around Town, just us girls

Today KennaKat and I had originally planned to skip story time and spend the day in service.  But when we woke up, the howling wind and rain changed our minds.  We weren't really in the mood to go to the library and after hearing that our friends wouldn't be there, we decided to hit the town, just the two of us.

First up on the list was to enjoy an early lunch at the Foster's Market.  I had been planning on stopping by for a while now, it has been ages since I have eaten there.  But then, after reading this blog by my dear friend, who ate there just the other day, I couldn't get it out of my head.  My mom would eat there a lot when I was a kid and I thought it was so disgusting!  They have a lot of healthy choices and being the picky kid that I was, I would get so upset every time she would pick that place.  Now that my taste-buds have matured...{okay, those of you who know me well, know that I am using that term lightly....I now eat tomato and lettuce on my sandwich instead of just meat and cheese...} I enjoy the place much better.  KennaKat and I shared a roast beef sandwich on sourdough bread.  They offered rye bread, but seeing as how not all of my pickiness has quite left me, {the thought of rye makes me want to gag}...it's the smell and the seeds....don't laugh... I opted for the sourdough instead..

After enjoying our lunch and picking up a piece of candy from their large selection, we got in the car and headed to target for some window shopping.  

After picking up a few dollar section items, including this notebook that KennaKat had to have.  You see, it's the Cheshire cat that Nani has in her room, it's one of the few things KennaKat is not allowed to bring home, therefore KennaKat attributes that cat as being Nani's cat, so she gets very excited every time she sees it around.

After browsing to the point of exhaustion at target {can we say "atleast an hour in the toy section alone") we went to explore a new craft supply store.  It's small, and things are more pricey than at Michaels and ACMoore, but I feel it's important to support the local businesses.  It's called Bull City Craft.  I found a few unique items to purchase for the kids.  In the back portion of the store, they have a craft center where you can purchase kits to make there with their help if you need.  The grand opening is this Saturday and they will have tons of giveaways and free crafts so you should check it out if you like that kind of thing :)
New Sketchbook for Ethylwolfe's art, blank postcards for kids to draw and send out, and soy rock crayons.

After the craft store, we went next door to a newish frozen yogurt shop.  It's called Local Yogurt, actually real yogurt that's frozen with active culture.  Delicious.  They had 4 flavors that change up every so often Plain, Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Burberry all very yummy and they have tons of toppings to put on top.  Fresh fruit being what I liked best.  KennaKat and I chose to share a plain with blueberries.  Very yummy.   

So our day was complete.  The weather changed from cold, rainy and windy to down right BEAUTIFUL!  So, I regret not sticking it out with a long day in service.  I hear tomorrow is going to be beautiful, so we will be sure to not miss our second chance.

Love, The SpeckledKat


Marlan said...

Still what a special day.

Jane said...

I LOVE Foster's Market and would have totally had the Rye but love Sourdough too. Bet Kenna was in awe of the huge selection of candy wasn't she? The yogurt looked yummy. Making memories.....

oil painting workshop said...

I like your blog!...Daniel

curlyque said...

Foster's is one of my FAVORITE places to go. Her cookbooks are fantastic. You have to tell us where the new craft shop is and the yogurt shop. Love going to the craft store, especially when the kids are out. Do you ever go to the Scrap Exchange? BTW - what size is your "Ethylwolfe"? I'm going through a few of Jake's clothes but they may be the same size.

Speckled Kat said...

Curlyque -We'd LOVE some hand-me-downs! Ethylwolfe is in 6's (still fits a 5 in shorts) and wears a 13.5 shoe. If you've got anything that'd work, we'd love to have them! We need to get the boys together too.
The new craft store is at the corner of University and 15501, in the same complex with the little gym. Definitely check it out!
And we LOVE the scrap exchange :)

Jessi Brown said...

I love that you do so much with your kids. There are too many friends of mine that have kids and they keep them in the house all the time, which is a shame. I respect that you cherish these days :) I hope I'm half as good as you with this with my future kiddies! :)

Speckled Kat said...

Thanks Jessi, you're so sweet! Of course, anyone that knows you and how great you are with kids, knows that you will be the best mommy EVA!!!

Jessica said...

that is a cool dessert that mckenna have i wish i could try it when i am with you during the day sis