Friday, December 3, 2010

Crafting with Friends (Birdseed hangers)

Heather and Kaile invited us over to craft with them today.  We were going to make bird seed hangers.  Heather bought the supplies and asked me to bring the molds.  Well, as it turns out, I could not find any of my molds so after I dropped Ethylwolfe off at school, I planned to drop by a craft store and pick up some cute ones.  Craft stores don't open until 9am, and I was heading over at 8:30.  What to do with that little extra time???  To Guglhupf Bakery we go!  I am in love with the tarts that Guglhupf has to offer, so I was very earger to pay them a visit.

I don't think KennaKat has been here since she was a baby, so she was very excited to see what they had to offer as well.  They have an awesome artsy atmosphere, and outside they have a water fountain.  It was 25 degrees outside when we visited Guglhupf that morning, and KennaKat was so excited they had a fountain, she begged me to eat outside.  Can you say buuuurrrrrrr?

Thoroughly enjoying the fountain...

I love being able to spend time with my little girl :)

KennaKat wanted to take a picture of me...

For herself, she chose a delicious chocolate tartlet, she ate almost every last crumb of this delicious specimen... (I was hoping she would have some left over to share)


I chose the berry tartlet, it was delicious.  I offered to share, she said "no thanks", then I quickly gobbled the rest up :)

I was sad to see it go, but my tummy was delighted to meet it's acquaintance.

Another large bite...

After our delicious trip to the bakery, we hurried over to the art store and purchased several different mold containers.  Then we rushed over to Heathers house to start our crafting.....

Birdseed and gelatin

Bowls for mixing

3 cups seed, 1 cup boiling water, 1 pack gelatin

Jen and her 2 sweet kids joined in our crafting day.

Scoop ingredients into desired molds

Even the adorable Biscuit made one

The kiddies crafting away

After they had their share, the mommies finished up this craft and then we went outside to play.

The end result:
Well, sad to say the gelatin didn't set up.  I poured more gelatin in my molds and today it's still too wet.  I have one final mold still hanging out in the fridge.  Hopefully after a few days, maybe it will set up.  The rest of the molds are drying on paper towels on the counter.  I am hoping they will set up soon, so that we can hang our presents for the birds among the branches outside...

Next time I will use less water.


Jane said...

You three mommies are the bestest in the world!!!! And you dear Katarina - are one of the most natural bloggers I've ever met!!!! When I read your blog and look at the great pictures - I realize what a wonderful gift you will be giving your babies when they are older. I plan to have mine printed for Samantha one day. Mine is more of an on-line diary than the wonderful blogs you, Jen and Heather do. Enjoy them all so much.

Speckled Kat said...

Thanks so much Tricia. I don't feel like I'm doing a very good job blogging, but I do enjoy it. And I LOVE reading your blog just the way it is. Even if it is like your diary, I love learning more about you, and keeping up with your goings on!