Monday, November 29, 2010

Today begins the season...

Today begins the season for me.  "Season of what?" you say.  WELL, this morning as I try to pull my laundry from the washer I realize that it started...  The Season of Frozen Laundry! duh duh duuuhhh!

Every cold season since we moved in to this house I have a battle with my washer and dryer.  The washing machine line freezes, clothes freeze to the cold metal barrel, my dryer works way too hard and fries itself.  Every time, one machine or the other breaks and we have to look about replacing them.  Not very fun, not very cheap. Fortunately Nani gave us their old washer, that's the one that we have currently and last year we purchased a dryer off of craigslist.  So, this year, I am hoping that we will not need to replace either.  I plan to never leave clothes in the washer over night, and if the clothing is too frozen, I will hang them rather than forcing my dryer to do the job.  I really should invest in a real clothes line, generally I make-shift something unstable, generally involving bungee cords and a ladder, a tree, the corner of my house and the fence.  I've never used clothes pins and things fall, clothing ends up all over the yard, and now we have a destructive dog, so who knows what she would do to the already long line of disaster.  My kitchen is quite small, and that is where most hanging laundry ends up, line along the table, draped over chairs, hanging from the windows, the ceiling fan, whatever I can get my hands on.

I have plans for eventually adding on to this place.  I'd love to go out the side and build a game room, laundry room, bathroom, and then above have a loft master bedroom and master bath.  And of course the addition would have a lovely fireplace.  I've always wanted a fireplace!  I'd love to build towards the back and add a sun-room and perhaps a larger kitchen, or at least a pantry!  But these are all dreams, and sure, money doesn't buy happiness, but the things that it can buy would surely add a smile to my face ;)  And of course, I would need an art room, and a quest bedroom.  But really, that laundry room and the fireplace are high up on my wish list.  A laundry room with ample storage space, room for folding, a sink for hand washing, cabinets for storing, and place for ironing, ahhh, it would be lovely :)  It's the simple things that are taken for granted.

Those of you that have a nice laundry room, do me a favor and go hug it and thank it for being there and not freezing over every winter!


Jane said...

Call me - we may have a solution for you.

Jessica said...

cool sis it is so hot out here and did you get rain last weekend at your house