Friday, November 26, 2010

Cake and PB&J's

We decided to make a cake.  Much to my delight there was no yelling, hitting, or hogging of the good stuff.  There was cooperation, sharing, and eating of yummy cake!

I  just can't get enough of my little girlie girl!

Working together to get the job done!

No tears in this kitchen, just lots of smiles!!

Now that the hard work of mixing is done and the batter is in the pan, we can reap our reward of licking the sweet delicious concoction!

While waiting for our cake to bake, we each made our own Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich...mmm!

Carefully spreading the PB onto the bread.

Sneaking a lick of the PB I see!

Oops!  A spill, that's alright, we don't mind!

Now that our sandwiches are finished, we can eat them up....or wear them as masks!

After lunch, our cake is ready.  We used chocolate icing and then covered it with Blue, Green, and Yellow sprinkles!  Yummm!

We pretended the blue was the ocean, the green was rich green grass and trees, and the yellow is a sandy desert.  We didn't have patience to take a picture before we cut into it, so here it is after we made sure it was yummy :)

Cooking with my children is fun and enjoyable.  Much more fun than being alone my kitchen.  Everything is new and exciting to them, which makes my chore quite entertaining :)


Jane said...

I am tres' excited to have you as a fellow blogger. I haven't blogged since right after I got down here. Kelly left today which made me so sad. :(

Speckled Kat said...

Thanks Tricia! Sorry Kelly had to leave so soon. Are you feeling any better?

Jessica said...

cool sis and did you show them how to do it and i wish i could show you my ASL sign language love you

Jessica said...