Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tissue Paper Mache Lanterns

I wanted to make something new with the kids.  I decided that Ethylwolfe was old enough to enjoy making paper mache and even though KennaKat really isn't, she had a good time regardless.  We used tissue paper to make lanterns.  I had never used tissue paper for mache'ing before, so I was a bit skeptical about how well it would hold up. I had saved a bit of tissue paper from past presents and decided to give it a go.  Besides, even if it was a flop, we would get messy, have lots of fun, and we would learn from it... one way or another.

Here are the supplies that you will need to make your very own paper mache lantern
(Tissue paper, balloons, glue, water, glitter -not mandatory, but delightful!)

Pour glue into containers and mix with water -make it like milk.  
(For me it equals out to about 2 parts glue 1 part water)

Blow balloons up to desired size, I was not careful to make them all the same size, I just puffed until I stopped.  Rip up tissue paper into strips.  Submerge paper into glue and then place on balloon. (not rocket science.)  

KennaKat dove right into her lantern project!  She chose 2 different shades of pink for her work.

I chose light blue, dark blue, and white for my lantern.

Ethylwolfe chose green for his.

Sprinkle with glitter when you are finished! (If you so desire)

Unfortunately, this project was way too messy for me to take pictures during the process, but here is our messy table after we finished :)

You have to let the glue dry for several days....we waited 2.  Thicker projects can take a week or longer to dry.  Surprisingly we were patient enough to wait until the end.  The 4th white lantern in the background I threw together during clean up.  The paper towels that I laid out underneath our work got so soaked with glue that I blew up another balloon and decided to test out paper towel paper mache with our scraps.

We finally got to pop them and this is the end result.  We wanted them open like a candle holder.

This is how the paper towel lantern turned out....

I put battery tea lights inside and we have been enjoying the glow for days now.
Sorry, I couldn't get a better image of them.  I'll try harder at a later time :)

The end results:
KennaKat broke down a little into the project, it was long and tedious and she got glue on her clothes....she HATES to get wet, and so she broke down.  I finally got her going after a while, but I'd say of the 2, Ethylwolfe enjoyed it the most.  They both did very well going through the steps.  KennaKat and I ran out of scrap tissue paper.  Ethylwolfe had tons so his is the thickest.  I'd say thicker is better if you want to try this yourself.  Go for multiple layers of tissue paper for added strength.  These will eventually be hung in the play room, but for now, they are decorating the table.  I liked how the paper towel lantern turned out the best.  It took 5 minutes and it much more stable than the tissue paper.  It is Ethylwolfe's favorite one as well.

I have made many paper mache items and I must say that this was my favorite time doing it.  It was fun and carefree.  We laughed, made mess, and the kids learned.  Because we were all making our own, and the kids just think mommy is cool anyways, I wasn't stressed to make mine perfect and it was just lots of fun.  We will definitely be making many more paper mache items in the future.  The possibilities are endless and I've already got a nice long list!

Have a great day guys!


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