Monday, December 13, 2010

Toy Story 3 on Ice!

We've been waiting for what it seemed like forever to attend Toy Story 3 on Ice!

The day finally came on Sunday!

This is the large group of kids, I think we are missing a few even still.

Kaile showing off her cool new buzz lightyear spinner toy

 Ivy, Kaile, KennaKat, Ethylwolfe

I can never get all the kids to look at once :)

Ethylwolfe and Jacob, good buddies

I told them to smile and this is what I got...
(The buzz lightyear helmets look more like purple storm-trooper helmets)

Nani and Kristyn joined us and the kids really loved having them, I did too!  Patrick planned to come, but he's really sick, so we invited Kaile at the last minute.  Glad she could come, she had a great time! 

Can't wait to see what cool ice show they come out with next year :)


Jane said...

how is Pat?

Jessica said...

that's so funny when Alex wear the bowl on his head love it sis haha....