Monday, December 13, 2010

Ice Skating Outside

Gboro put in an outdoors ice skating rink this year.  A group from Pat and Kristyn's hall got together this past Saturday, and thankfully Kristyn told us about it.  This was the kids first time on skates of any sort, and it definitely will not be their last!  Skating outdoors was awesome!  I had never been on an outdoor rink and it had a completely different feel to it, very fresh!

 They were very excited while we waited for the group to arrive...

Husband joined us!  He was our photographer while we skated :)


This pretty girl can't wait to skate!

Ethylwolfe is also very excited!

On the ice, trying to teach him the ropes

Thankfully Kristyn helped out with the kids, they were too eager for patience

It wasn't long before KennaKat got the hang of it...yes, she's wearing socks, I forgot the gloves at home :(

Ethylwolfe picked it up to, and at the end, they were both skating without the wall!

My battery died halfway through :(  We went to Delicious Bakery afterwards and enjoyed some delicious cake, cupcakes, and pastries.  Unfortunately I could not get pictures.  KennaKat fell asleep in the car on the way to the bakery.  Ethylwolfe fell asleep on the way home, they were exhausted, but had a great day!
This will not be our last experience on the ice this year!


Marlan said...

I want to come next time. I love skating outdoors.

Jessica said...

cool sis wish you could take me there too and i love ice skating so much