Friday, December 3, 2010


A while ago Heather invited us to join Kaile in her gymnastics class.  It was bring a friend day.  We were unable to come.  The next time around, she invited us again, so we set up the date.  That time Kaile was sick so we were unable to get together.  The following week the gym called me and asked if we would like to set up a make up date.  "Sure!" I said.  So they set the date for a few weeks later.  I am happy to report that nothing stopped us from finally getting together this time!  

The staff was very friendly.  KennaKat was the first one there, so she played with the toys while waiting on the other kids to arrive.

The first activity was music, she was a little shy, but had a lot of fun.

They then warmed up by doing various running around activities.  She LOVED this!

They had a lot of fun doing all of the different activities.  KennaKat had a blast!  I stopped taking pictures and moved on to videos.  I tried to share them but for some reason, I keep getting errors.  I was completely surprised at how well KennaKat did.  She wasn't shy, listened to the teacher, tried everything, and had lots of fun!  Kaile was a good friend and stuck with her where ever she went.  It was cute watching her from the "parents viewing area" and even through the glass I could hear her emphatic "I did it!" after succeeding at something new!  So proud of her!  Thanks Heather for this special treat!

The girls as we are about to leave.  KennaKat was NOT happy to leave, she had such a blast!

After gym class we treated ourselves to some Guglhupf tastiness.  This time, we sat inside :)

I really liked the lights that they put inside of the cement

As the girls are playing over here, Kaile sweetly says to KennaKat "You are my best friend"  She is such a sweet heart :)

The girls both got a chocolate tartlet.  KennaKat ate almost all of hers, Kaile did not like hers at all.  One bite in and she said "Yucky!"

She did enjoy touching hers though :)

Black Indian Spiced Chai Latte...mmmmm!

I HAD to try their cream cream puff EVER!

The outside, it was a gorgeous day!

As we were leaving, we let the girls play around the fountain.  They loved it.

Watching the leaves fall

I have to pee!

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Jane said...

You will have to take me to this bakery - looks great. I wanted to share the recipe Sonia "fixed" for me for homemade truffles. I know you will love fixing them with your babies. I'll send it via email.