Friday, March 9, 2012


This is a picture of my sons large tonsils on a normal day.
Huge right?
Sunday night while he's cuddling with me on the couch suffering through his aches and fever, the thought of maybe a strep throat ran through my mind.  Imagine my surprise when upon inspection, those large tonsils of his were so swollen they touched!  Pour guy!  A definite sign of strep throat, I set up an appointment with the Dr on Monday.
The strep culture came back positive, obviously.

During the exam, I questioned the Dr about my sons aloofness at school, and from a few questions, we deduced that because of those large tonsils, he has sleep apnea.  Thus causing the sleepiness and aloofness at school, and the headaches that he has been complaining about.  He set up an appointment for a trip to the Otolaryngologist {imagine saying that all day}, which we did today after school.  He completely confirmed my suspicions that I started having 2 years ago, that my sons tonsils are way too large and in need of removal!

The surgery has been scheduled for the end of the month, during his Spring Break...not the best way to spend vacation time, but it's better than missing more school.
He is none too thrilled about having his tonsils taken away, even though he doesn't really know what that means YET.

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Jane said...

Better to get them out while he is young. It is horrible on adults.