Saturday, March 10, 2012

Splinter Removal

It's common knowledge around here that mommy is the go-to gal for splinter removal...OK, lets get real, kids go to mommy for everything involving anything in need of removal...  Splinters are a common sighting around these parts, on a weekly if not daily basis, somebody has a splinter in need of removal.  Splinter removal used to be a major pain in my rear...the whining for the first 30 minutes before the actual removal, while you try to talk them into accepting that everything will be ok and no they weren't going to be stuck with the needle or the tweezers, the holding down, the crying.  I'm a general expert at all things splinter removal but for some reason, there was always the drama, and the coercing and the consoling, "Everything will be OK, I promise!"  But you know, I remember getting splinters as a kid and it stunk, I completely can relate to how they feel.  I'd rather keep the splinter than endure the removal process.

So, up until a year or 2 ago, that is how it went.  Until I stumbled upon something awesome.  A while back, I purchased this whole mani/pedi awesome kit from Costco that came with tons of cool things to get those puppies into shape.  So one day, I was called on to remove a splinter and after tearing the house apart looking for my tweezers but to no avail, I stumbled upon this thingy:

For those who have no clue, this is a Cuticle Nipper.  I was in a pinch, so I persuaded E to trust in me and give it a chance.  This baby worked like a dream!  It is the best Splinter remover EVER!!!  It is now my only tool for splinter removal that I use.  It's quick, painless, and wonderful.  The clamp part is sharp, and it's pointy and it effortlessly pulls away any kind of splinter...the huge ones, the tiny ones, the ones that seem to have no entry point.  it's awesome.  Splinter removal is now a 10 second tear-less process, and this mommy is happy!

As I was removing 2 splinters from KennaKat's hand this evening, I decided that it would be awesome of me to share my secret.  These guys can be picked up for $2 and it's your best investment EVER!!

So go ahead, try it!  You'll wonder how you ever got along without it before.  And if not too many splinters come your way, well, it works wonders on those cuticles ;)

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Marlan said...

what a good mommy you are.