Monday, March 12, 2012

A Beautiful Day!

Can you BELIEVE the weather forecast for the week?!?!  I got super excited when I checked this morning.
Today was a pretty great day and can you believe I didn't get to capture a single moment on camera :(


The worst part is, did I tell you that the F.H. {Fantastic Hubster} fixed my camera {AGAIN!!}  KennaKat-0 Camera/Hubby -2!, well he's awesome like that I and I don't even know how he did it, but he did and it works and I didn't capture any of our day.  Why not?  Well, I misplaced it...on the couch.  But I wasn't home all day so that's part of the excuse.

So it started out by spending the morning in E's class.  The library was closed.  And the teacher purposefully didn't tell me so that I would come in and help out at project time.  Heck yes!  I LOVE projects!!  Her special assignment for me was to help 2 kids who were in a group together and have both missed like all the project work days for being sick.  Oh and did I mention that my son is one of those kids.  He has probably missed more days of school this year than last due to stupid freak fevers, phlegm {isn't spelling that word hilarious?!} phlegm that makes you gag and puke every time you go to school, and quarantine time with strep.  I'm pretty sure he has missed his quota for the year, if not 2.  I can't believe how much he gets sick.  I used to win the award for not missing a day and here he is, missing at least one a week all quarter and more from previous ones.

Ok, getting a little off topic there.... So today was the last day for project work and these 2 had nothing.  They chose grass to monitor changes over the past few weeks.  GRASS...  So they planted the seeds in a pot of soil, and watered. And waited. And watered.  And waited.  Still no change.  And their poster board that's supposed to show a graph of change had nothing except a cute  picture drawn by my boy with clouds, rain, and the sun.  And NO CHANGE written A Lot :)  haha.  So, I huddled the kiddos and we discussed the changes in grass that we knew about, the stages from fresh sprout to dried dead grass, then we ventured out doors.  With tray in hand we trekked to the big field looking for every stage of grass.  The kids were adorable hunting down the perfect blades and KennaKat supplied me with a beautiful bouquet of wild flowers.  With samples in tray, we headed back inside and started our graphs.  We even plopped each sample on top of those grass seeds that would not grow and now we have a poster graph and a real life plant graph from seed to death.  It was awesome.   They completed in 45 minutes what others spent weeks on...good thing they chose grass. haha.  grass, he picks the weirdest things to do projects on.

Oh side note, I'm super excited to share with him the article in the April Awake about Platypus's because he's in love with Perry the Platypus.  He's gonna think it's awesome!!

We hung out for the rest of the morning assisting with creative writing and then left when recess began.  At this point, I was planning on heading home, tackling my messy house, and making lunch.  But KennaKat was pretty bummed about not getting to play outside so we headed to the park on this beautiful day.  First stopping at Breuggers Bagels supplying our picnic needs for the park.  It was so lovely and she had such a great time we were there for 2 hours.  I even got a little color. a little.

We headed home for a few minutes, I prepared pot roast, then we rushed to Whole Foods before picking up Ethylwolfe and another friend from the hall, from school.  Dropped the kids off and headed to my Chiro appointment.  Things are feeling pretty darn good in that regard.  It's awesome not being in constant pain all the time.  Granted, I'm still in pain every day, but it's so minor from what it was.  It used to be so painful it'd bring me to tears, cries of pain, it hurt to sit, it hurt to walk.  Now the biggest pain is getting my neck to bend the right way.  It's really sore from all the change, and wearing even the lightest necklace is torture.  

Came home from the Chiro to find the G-Parents had come for a visit.  {kinda kicking myself for staying at the park so long and not cleaning the house earlier..darn it!}  They watched the kids ride their bikes around, played whist, and joined us for dinner, good thing I cooked a lot of pot roast :)  {Accidentally spilled WAY too much seasoning into the broth and everything was a bit well seasoned...everyone drank milk with dinner...ooops!! :-o

After the G-Pa & Ma left, the kids got ready for bed and we enjoyed a nice reading/cuddle session.  So it turned out to be a lovely/busy day.  Too bad I didn't get any pictures, it would have been great.  Ah well, I'll be sure to plant the camera in my purse for tomorrow.  Now I'm beat and a lot of that has to do with the fact that I went to bed at 3am and woke up at 7am.  And ran around all day.  NOT doing that again tonight.

So I will say farewell dear friends.  Good night, Sleep tight, until we meet again!

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Candi said...

I feel that way about Haylei missing so much school due to illness. But I'm always torn because I want to homeschool her. Another topic completely...Hopefully he won't be out much more before the end of the school year. Only a few more weeks right? I need to clean my house, but I just don't feel like it either. Laundry is beckoning me...