Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Busy busy

I know I've been slack on my blogging, at least, that's what the hubby keeps reminding me!
But I've been super busy, in that good kind of way.
So I thought, why not blog while I'm waiting on my little boy to come out of his tonsil surgery.
Details of this day will be saved for another time, but I would like to share the few pictures that I've taken in the last few weeks.

First off, I wonder what I was thinking to try to pioneer during a month that my son is off from school for two weeks, with field trips, special shows at school, oh and throw in a few sicknesses and other obligations into the mix.  It hasn't made my month too effortless but it has been pretty fun and crazy, all definitely worth it of course!!

The first week in the month, Ethylwolfe came down with a really high fever and then strep throat, then I thought I had strep, so that took out one whole week.

Week two, E was off to school and KennaKat and I ventured to the library to spend time with our friends.  For lunch, our friend had a groupon to Mad Hatters, so that decided where we would venture to that time.  Even though the adult lunches aren't the cheapest, I did want to tell you about the kids meals...

For $4, your kid gets a few options to choose from, along with a cookie or a design your own cupcake, and a drink...not a lot of places offer so much for $4 so I would recommend it.

The finished result...I am to blame for this mess of yumminess...
KennaKat put a delicate little butterfly on top but it had so little icing I told her to squeeze as much  as she could  and then dump the sprinkles on :)

Little Miss got the cookie and she loved it.

On Wednesday, E's class invited the parents in to share their projects with them.  They each presented their projects.  As I mentioned earlier E chose to do grass...

KennaKat and I in service before heading to E's project share.

waiting for his turn to share

Telling everyone about grass

KennaKat always makes herself at home in E's class with her favorite toys that the teachers keeps  for her

Sharing his journal with daddy

After school, we met our buddies for snowballs!

They were just a little happy to see each other :)

The next day E's class went on a field trip and I signed up to drive.
Fortunately the museum was only about 5 miles away from the school because I had a car loaded with 4 gabby, excited boys :)

The only part of the museum that I was allowed to take pictures of.
They were building mobiles and learning about balance.

After dropping the boys back off at school, I picked up KennaKat who was right down the road with her friends at Duke Gardens.  We ventured to Costco to pick up my new glasses and I was entertained by KennaKat trying on all the different glasses they have for kids.
Well, at least I know that if she ever needs glasses, she'll look adorable with them :)

As a last day of 3rd quarter gift and for doing so well with his reading and also for his coming surgery, I got E Sonic and Tails stuffed animals.  I really thought I took a picture of him with them but I guess I didn't. 

On his last day of school, the school decided to do a mini 5K for the 4th grade girls who were doing one the next day.  E ran over 2 miles in under 20 minutes on a very hot day! Woohoo!
We celebrated afterwards with snowballs...of course ;)

I forget which day it was, but we always get the randomest large trucks turning around in our driveway and this day we got a FIRETRUCK!!  The kids LOOOVE firetrucks so this was a special treat for them to observe during their 80-point-turn ;)

The next week, the kids were troopers as they went out in service with me A LOT!
One day Twistyn joined us and I didn't get any pictures.
But this one lady that she found at home was really nice and told E that he should read to his cat.
So when we got home, E quickly grabbed a book and read for 30 minutes to Shakespeare.
I think E forgot that the reason Shakespeare is now an "outdoors cat" is because he's really allergic to him :(

hey look!  I cut E's hair...waaaay better right?? ;)

So even though it was really cute and Shakespeare looooved it, my poor boy was sniffing and sneezing for the rest of the day :(

Nani also joined us for a day in service and I didn't catch that on camera either.
Then Papa and Guncle Paycake came over to go fishing at the river with the hubster.  So Ethylwolfe joined them on that adventure while I took KennaKat to get her hair trimmed...

I was really hoping for another cute cut but she just kept saying "I don't want to get my hair cut, I want it long" that I finally said Fine!  just trim it!  So little was trimmed off that you can't even tell it was cut at all.

So that's all the pictures I've got.  Even though our life has been way more eventful, that's all I'm sharing for today :)

E's surgery went well and we're home now, but more on that later...

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Great pictures! Looks like y'all are super busy too!