Sunday, March 11, 2012

Guess what's open?!!!!

En Route to the Hall today we passed a long line in front of Pelicans.  "They are OPEN!" I shouted.  Followed many hoots and hollers from the kiddos, and a groan from the hubby.  We promised we'd stop by after the meeting, even though the line was quite long.
Oh how happy I am that they are open again.  Every day from November 1st to yesterday, at least one, if not both of my kids have asked me "Is snowballs open yet?  Why not?  When is Spring?  Is Spring here yet?  Why not."  So much so that I kind of hated that we pass that place nearly every day of our lives.  They actually opened yesterday at noon, spur of the moment, and we passed by only an hour before in service and had no clue, and we even had a conversation about it with the friends in the car.  So we are thrilled to have pelican's open again.  We enjoyed rootbeer float, pina colada, strawberry/blueberry, cake/cotton candy...The first of many for the next 6 months I'm sure.  Since we already have our tshirts, we wont be on so much of a mission to try them all and have so many {Tell that to the kids!}


Marlan said...

YAAAAY what fun! Alex will get many during recuperation.

Candi said...