Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Last night I traveled to Greensboro to view Sabrina at the Carolina Theater with 2 of my favorite ladies (Sorry, forgot to take pictures).  I own both versions of  this movie and love them both.  I had never seen the ending of this version, though I have tried many times.  Every time I started it, it was so late at night and I was so tired, I never made it through.  Seeing it last night was awesome, I LOVE the ending, and it was worth waiting for to see on the big screen :)  

They are showing many of Audrey Hepburn's movies this week and I'm a tad jealous that I don't live closer to enjoy them all.  It was lovely seeing Audrey on the big screen, and don't you just LOVE this dress??

This is the Greensboro Carolina Theater, I look forward to returning in May to view 'Gone With The Wind'

Yesterday, I was pleased with the progress of the colds in this house.  Brandon, Alex and myself all seemed to be doing better.  By yesterday evening, Makenna was looking on the up and up.  This morning however, Alex woke up with a fever of 102.  Haven't we had enough already?!?!  
I must secretly confess that I highly enjoy the calm cuddle obsession that comes when they aren't feeling well.  So sweet and just wanting to be held and loved by mommy only for hours and hours... :-)


Jane said...

I also loved both Sabrinas and love, love, love Audrey. She has always been one of my favorite. You should rent and watch Wait Until Dark - she was wonderful but it was terrifying to watch. A wonderful sense of style and elegance - one classy lady.

Speckled Kat said...

I own it and love it Tricia! I thought her husband was a bit of tough love at the end of that movie. But it was great! I think I own almost all of her movies, she's my favorite :)

Marlan said...

Love wait until dark. Did not care for the tough love at the end.

Jessica said...

cool sis wish we could go to the movies someday love you