Thursday, February 3, 2011

January is over...

The month of January has come and gone....

"What have we been doing?  Where have we been?" you ask.  
I know I have neglected my blog lately, and so, to catch you up on our wheres and whens, enjoy a few pictures of what our month was like.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, if that's the case, I have just written a short story...enjoy :)

Makenna in a tutu (normal day attire), back from the store, holding her red balloon....

Superman Alex to the rescue!
(I made this cape for him a while back and he asked me to put the superman 'S' on it, so I did :)  He is also wearing his 'superman costume' with his red underwear on the outside :)

Alex started writting out his comments for the meeting,
does he look proud or what?

I FINALLY got to meet baby Logan, Kasie's baby boy :)
He's the cutest little thing :)
We meet once a week to go walking, 
and here is Makenna waiting for us with her pigtails that are getting very LONG!

There was a 'Fancy Nancy' tea party at the Library
we HAD to look the part with fancy hair and a tutu...
Kalli and Claire are fancy friends that joined us in the fun...
If you have not read the Fancy Nancy books, 
you really must peruse them, 
she makes everything fancy dahling!

The Dreaded Dentist visit...
~cavity fillings, screaming child, screaming dentist, nitrous oxide that did not work~
worst 2 1/2 hours of his life!

Dinner with friends
Heather and Brian had us over
Makenna and Kaile had lots of fun
can't ya tell? :)

And to end this little story,
here are pictures from Alex's very first sleep over
this was the end of December, but I forgot to post pictures
The next day we went to Monkey Joes and Kalli and Claire joined us
(didn't get any shots of Makenna or Claire oops!)

There were other eventful things like having friends over to our house for some yummy turkey, story times, I got to have my little sister over for the weekend, going to the fam's house for dinner, Katie's back from South Africa... and many many more little tidbits in our lives, but I neglected the use of my camera during these times, so I have nothing more to show you now.

The story is over and we now move on to February, what is in store for us now?

{Brandon teases me for picture overkill, but it's MY blog, I'll picture it up if I want to :P }


Jane said...

And don't you forget it. Don't let anyone dictate to you what you put on your blog - it is yours - own it. Enjoyed the pictures. Hope you feel better soon.

Marlan said...

love it so glad you are keeping this blog.

Jessica said...

cool sis