Thursday, February 17, 2011


12:30 am greets me with my son climbing into my bed.  1:10am greets me with projectile vomit.  Yep, it hasn't even been a full week and this household gets another bug...YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!

It was only last Thursday morning that Buddy's fever of 102 finally broke thus ending our long streak of being sick.  I was feeling optimistic that we were finally over germs for a while ...only to have the following Thursday with greet us with another bug?

During Family Worship last night, Buddy begged to go to bed early because his tummy hurt and he was tired.  He concluded by saying that he didn't think he should go to school today....  We just figured he was tired from playing hard and his stomach was upset from eating that hot dog that he wanted for dinner.  And requesting not to go to school is just a normal kid thing to do right?  Last week he missed 2 days of school from being sick, and 1 this week because of Valentines Day, so I figured he got the idea from that and is learning how to "work the system".

As projectile vomit spewed all over me, my bed, and my room/hallway/bathroom there were a few things that I just had to be thankful for....

1. Not forcing myself to shower last night {I decided "why not wait until after I workout in the am?"} Good decision, yay me, little did I know that my laziness would pay off so well.  

2. For delaying one day in washing my sheets.  I HATE making beds, and was going to wash my sheets just yesterday but decided to 'wait until tomorrow', again, yay me for not waisting nice clean fresh sheets!

3. The kids were going to have a bath after Family Worship last night, and even enticing Buddy with that wouldn't keep him from going to bed...Yay Buddy for not making me give you 2 baths in just a few hours.

4.  Even though I am not thrilled that my son woke up, then came into our bed, THEN threw up everywhere, I am thankful that he did not start spewing vomit off of the side of his bunk bed onto his sister down below....that would have been a much grosser, fussier dilemma.

5. Thankful for that bowl next to my bed that I did not take into the kitchen last night, even though I did think about it for a long, solid minute.

So things worked out.  

There was my husband on the other hand....

As Buddy is in-between us gushing out vomit all over my unequipped hands, our bed, blankets, etc and as I fumble around to find that bowl.   There lies Husband in his half awake trance.  He slightly comes to while I'm yelling "whoa!" as the vomit starts overflowing from my hands, he wakes and kind of acknowledges what's going on...or at least I thought he did.  As I tell my son to 'get out of bed and make a dash for the toilet' though, he somehow thinks that all is over and falls back a vomit soaked bed (easy gallon worth of vomit had just exploded from my sons mouth onto my bed).  After I safely got my son on the toilet and with a larger bowl in hand, I come back to my room to find him lying there asleep.  I had to tell him to get out of the bed.  So he does...he somehow manages to get up...walk into the living room...lie down on the couch...and fall fast asleep...{He'll probably wake up thinking "how did I get on the couch?" hahaha}

Now, don't get me wrong, I have a very loving husband, who in general is helpful and does what is needed when asked, but put him in the middle of the night and render him nearly useless (I love you Husband :) unless I REALLY need him, he can sleep through anything.  I feel that it must be payback.  

Payback for all of the times his alarm goes off at 3:30am and as he gets up to turn it off, he comes back to bed only to find that I have rolled over and am now drooling and snoring on HIS side of the bed and on HIS pillow.  Payback for all the nights he goes to sleep at 8:30 while I stay up for many more hours, then come to the room and start tapping away on the keyboard (as quietly as I can, mind you).  Payback for all the times I come to bed with freezing cold feet, legs, arms, body and attempt to "cuddle" with my very warm and toasty husband whom I think it too asleep to notice the ice cubes that just attacked him.  

He must savor those bitter moments for times like this.  The necessary mommy moments that call for me and me only to be the 'night in shining armor' for my children in need between the hours of 10pm and 7am.  Those are the mommy hours.  The hours where only mommy can do the multi-tasked necessities all mommies do so well.  
So lovingly, so gracefully, so.... artfully?  :)

It's been over an hour since Buddy has had to use the now deemed "bowl".  He is clean and resting on my now bare bed with a clean sheet, HIS quilt, and HIS pillow.  He's awake, but resting peacefully as I type away on my keyboard slightly chuckling to myself about the drama in the night.  Because that's all you can do when your house has been sick for almost ALL of the new year.  Laugh and hope that soon it will be over.  Find humor in all things.  If I'm going down a crazy woman, I'm going down laughing.

Good night all....or should I say Good Morning?

{no husbands were harmed in the making of this story}


heather said...

Your post made me laugh, but sorry that he is sick again! Hope this doesn't spread to the rest of the family! Went out in service yesterday and the two houses where I found someone @ home, one sounded like a really bad cold and the other had two boys, one w/ stomach bug and the other w/ the flu! Soooooo many people sick!

Marlan said...


Mommy said...

Oh, I SO understand those Mommy hours!! Just last night, at around 11:30 PM, I spotted a mouse (yes, a of the "not so great" things about living on old farm land) scamper into Biscuit's room. So, here I am with a flashlight in one hand and a bowl in the other hand, crawling on my belly for 30 minutes looking for said mouse. Desperately trying not to wake my sleeping child. All the while, my hubby and fat cat are asleep and snoring loudly in the next room!

So sorry you are dealing with sickness again!! It totally sucks but your humor will definately help at least with sleep deprivation! What a WONDERFUL mommy you are through and through!!

Jane said...

I don't care how wonderful he is - WAKE HIM UP! Just kidding. You are right - he has a rough schedule. I hate that you are having so much sickness but - could it have been the hot dog? Hopefully it was and he is much better today. You are a GOOD mommy and wife.

Speckled Kat said...

Jen that is SO funny! I can picture you scooting around all over biscuits floor ;) Sorry we wont be able to join you at the park today :(
Heather -is it possible that your encounters with sick people somehow transfered sick germ thoughts all the way over to my house? ;) Hopefully you guys don't get sick, I'm looking forward to next Friday.
Tricia- That was Brandon's thought this morning too. I vaguely remember him saying his stomach hurt before the hot dog, but seeing as how he was the only one that ate one, HOPEFULLY that's what it was and not the stomach virus. he's energetic this morning, and says his tummy is mostly better so hopefully bad food caused it and not the dreaded virus.
Marlan- hopefully Delani doesn't get sick :(

curlyque said...

So sorry. Hopefully the warm weather this weekend will kill some of the germs around. Just think, spring is not that far away (hopefully) and bright, beautiful, no sick days.

Nessa said...

The joys of having kids. I'm totally grossed out by vomit so I wonder how I would react in such a situation. Would I remain cool and collected or freak out and vomit as well? Only time will tell. I like the payback paragraph. I do the same to Mike, maybe he won't notice me trying to warm up my feet. Last time I tried he shot out of bed and was looking around trying to figure out what happened. I pretended to be asleep heehee! Hope alex is feeling better now.

Jessica said...

cool sis hope you don't get sick again for me