Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Appliances are great right?  

They provide so many modern conveniences, make life simpler, save time, etc, etc. Right??

Well, that just may be, but what about when something goes wrong?  What then?

You get your handy husband to save the day, that's what!

Every year, something goes wrong with something in my outdoors laundry room.  Every year, we have to do something to make it all better.  This year has been the least dramatic yet....

Ooops, spoke too soon.  The washing Machine started leaking the other day.  I'd start the water, come back in a few minutes to drop in the laundry and voila! a puddle of water seeping from underneath the washer onto my floor.  Since it's not in my house, it's no biggy to me if water spills except for the thought of the floor rotting from underneath the washer and one bad day where I happen to start the laundry only for the floor to fall out from under me.  THAT would NOT be good.

After a week or two of this happening, I finally remember to tell the hubby that there is a leaking problem that seems to be getting worse.  Being the awesome husband that he is, he comes home from work early the next day and addresses said "problem" while Makenna and myself head off to the Library and "mommy day".  When we come home, he says he can't find the leak and there is my washer sitting on the porch. Nooooooo!

I decide that a leaking washer is better than buying a washer at this point, but he doesn't go for it.  A little while later and he has the washer taken apart and a little while after that, we discover that it's the water pump that's leaking.  He hands me the piece as I head out to pick up Alex and tells me where to check for a replacement.

After just a minute of entering the part shop, I'm given the replacement piece and a bill for ~$50~.  That's a lot of dough for a piece of plastic the size of a sandwich.  "OUCH!" I respond and the lady says "Yeah, just don't seem right, does it?".  No lady, no it does NOT seem right.  Especially because we could find another washer for $50 more.  But oh well, lets not waste what we can repair.  $50 is better than $100 plus we don't have a truck to pick up a new washer, and this one is fine otherwise.  Waste not, want not.....

In no time at all husband has the new part on, leaks are checked and are no more, and the casing is ready to go back on.  WOW what a pain to get that hunk of metal back together.  And need I remind you how COLD it was yesterday?  By dinner time, the great wonderful hubby has everything back together and back in its original spot.

Thank you hubby, I love you, you're the best! :)


Marlan said...

He is the best

Jessica said...

cool sis and love you all