Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Leaving Facebook

So today I decided to go for it and do what I've been wanting to do for a looong time.
I made the decision to leave Facebook.  There will be many things that I will miss: friends that I'm just getting to know, friends that I hadn't seen or heard from in YEARS I now get to "see" on a regular basis, and keeping up with current friends thoughts and goings on.

The pictures will be the hardest thing to leave behind.  Not only my friends' pictures but also my own.  In the fall of 2009, Alex accidentally deleted several months worth of pictures from our computer.  If it hadn't been for my saving them on Facebook, they would be gone forever.  So, saying goodbye to facebook means saying goodbye to many of my favorite shots of the kids.  I really need to order them but that requires money....

I will share a few of my favorite shots with you now, some I have on my computer, some I don't.  
Enjoy my little cuties, my bundles of joy, my rays of sunshine, and enjoy this BEAUTIFUL WEATHER!

Itsy Bitsy Sprider at Story Time

Accessory Queen :)

Tunnel at the park

Big cheesin with a cheeseburger

(Even though this is blurry, I love it...he and I had just finished sanding and painting his new desk and immediately after, I find him working away at it...the green paint in his hair is the perfect touch :)

(This is another blurry favorite...he had just bought those glasses and was LOVING them :)


A very excited boy checking out the big red fire truck

I love her eyes and teeny tiny pig tails

Working on the "cheese"

Love :)

And to end it all, a very happy couple, completely in love and proud parents to 2 very special kids :)

I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of my niece...Marlan picked up Delani today and I'm watching her while Marlan works.  I can't wait to see her it has been!

Have a great day :)


Jane said...

I LOVE the pictures and if I'm not mistaken - I took the last one! Yea!!! I will miss you on FB - have tried getting off but miss the ones like Lona Workman I have re-connected with, etc. I have missed you lately and had a feeling you were "weaning" yourself off. Good thing is you can always go back on, get caught up and leave again. Double Yea! I get to be with Delani tomorrow and am looking forward to it. We'll see how she does on the bible study... :-) NOW - you have to blog you

Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams said...

Lovely photos .. I use FB (my private profile) for sharing photos with my family back home in the UK ... i know they wouldn't be able to live without the updates!

Marlan said...

I love all the pictures and you

Jessi said...

Were you saying that you are going to lose some of the photos because you don't have them on your computer but you have them on Facebook? Because you can download the pictures from your Facebook to your computer by viewing the picture and then when you scroll down there will be a button on the left side of the screen that says "Download photo". Wouldn't want you to lose your favorite pictures! :-)

Jessica said...

cool sis love them so much