Thursday, February 2, 2012

6 flowers, soaking up the sun, breathing the fresh air

With a little help from this beautiful sunny day and my adorable flower model, I've posted the latest 6 flowers in the shop.  Check 'em out!  

And don't forget, for 1 week only, I'm doing a 20% off sale in the shop so enter code FEB20 at check out.  Offer ends noon on Wednesday the 8th.

For those wondering what the unzoomed view looks like...  I get to look at this adorable face for every photo shoot :) 

We've been hanging out in the yard and picking flowers this beautiful sunny day.
I'm still sick, a major boo, but I'm hoping this fresh dose of sunshine will help cure what ails me.

And I will leave you with this...the first signs of Spring in our neck of the woods!
For the last week, these blue and purple pretties have been popping up everywhere!

We are off to make Quesadillas and have a picnic in the garden.
Ta ta For now!

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Marlan said...

AWWWW such an adorable model.