Sunday, April 15, 2012

Circuit Assembly Day 2

"Make it a goal to leave every person you come in contact with, feeling better about themselves than before you spoke to them" -Bro Milano

This pretty much sums up how awesome our Assembly was this weekend.  FANTASTIC!  Everyone I spoke to was filled with love and happiness this weekend.  The talks were right on point and so encouraging!  We had excellent seats.  The kids were P-E-R-F-E-C-T the entire session of both days.  {My dream come true} This weekend was just absolutely amazingly great!

Today we sat on the second row directly behind the DO, sub CO, and visiting was a treat!
The kids fell in love with sister Allen and her seat saving duckling!

We leave this weekend feeling completely exhausted, filled with spiritual treasures, and having renewed determination to fulfill our goals and become better imitators of Christ.  I forgot to use my camera a lot today, so sadly I didn't get as many shots of the friends as I would have liked but enjoy what I have:

My guys!

Sibling Love

crazy bangs, again.  and crazy Kenna

Watch out ladies!

Overflowing with adorable she could burst

Demonstrating the singer in the back of the old song book :)

They love each other, they really do!


We did not successfully capture a good picture this weekend

T&T day 2
{I'm going to steal that necklace}

Oh the hilarity of this picture.  Not that he is aware of where he is grabbing, but still, totally inappropriate way to hug girls!

With sister Allen and her duckling
We stayed with K&P this weekend which was Great!  We arrived Friday night after dinner and hung out a little before beginning our weekend.  Sat they went to a wedding and we went out with friends, so we didn't see them until bedtime, and then Sunday K so kindly cleaned up our junk belongings and made us dinner.  We packed up and headed home sooo tired but encouraged and happy.  The kids were totally WIRED after the program both days which makes me jealous because after sitting all day, I'm pooped, but the kids are ready to run a marathon it seems.  Oh well, let them be crazy, they were perfect during the program and that's what mattered to me this weekend.

We have been having quite the spiritual feast lately with the Memorial, Special Talk, and Circuit Assembly...but we're not done yet, in 2 weeks, we get the CO visit!   We can't wait.

Good night everyone!


Marlan said...

enjoyed the pics. Nice one with Sister Allen.

simply tabulous said...

The pictures are sooo funny! I especially love the one of Alex with his song book!!

Jane said...

Lover your new banner, love all your pictures. I hate I missed the feast this past weekend but several people text messaged me during it so I would feel like I was there too. So sweet. Can't believe how much the kids are growing. Hold on to every bit of it - they will be teenagers before you know it.

jessB said...

Keep that picture of him grabbin the "twins" on the twins. hahaha. That will come in handy in later years. mwuahahahaha