Saturday, April 14, 2012

Circuit Assembly Day 1

Hey look!  I remembered to use my camera!...well, a little at least :)

Here's day 1 of the Assembly.

After quite a stressful event of trying to actually park our car, we made it to the first day of the CA so embarrassingly late.  But we made it nonetheless and it was excellent.  Can't wait for more Spiritual Goodies tomorrow!

Until then, enjoy some pics...

My sweet cutie!

Crazy Bangs

Crazy Kenna Eyes

Silly E

Silly J

Silly E and J

Sibling Love

I found a friend!

Boy+Boy= 2 Boys
{future brother inlaws??? j/k}

Crazy Grass Stained Boys

Tabby and Tily

Major LM love, a frameable keepsake of LM wanting me over mommy, sorry mommy I know you're going to kill me for posting this pic ...but how could I forsake this LM love?

Double Mint Gum

B and mini B, my boyZ!

Us taken by E with a visit from Kenna's eyes

And another attempt at a pic of us, with hubby saying "that's enough, that's enough"
Good night day one, until tomorrow!
{Maybe I'll remember to take a family picture?}


Marlan said...

Love the Pics.

Lavender Girl said...

It was an AWESOME first day!! I love the pictures...our boys look too cute!!