Thursday, May 12, 2011

Strawberries and Gone with the Wind, just one day in May

One of my most favorite things about May is that I get to go strawberry picking!!!  

Having kids has made this special time of year much more special.  

I have fond memories of picking strawberries with my mom when I was a kid {even though I didn't like to eat them}, and now I get to share it with my children and Nani {Ethylwolfe loves to pick but hates to eat them, just like me..until I got much older, it's too embarrassing to say how long it took me to like them :)}.  

In years past, if any strawberries made it to their baskets, it was either rotten or green.  

This year, I was quite proud at how perfect each strawberry they picked was.  

We made strawberry shortcake {yum} and pectin free jam {I haven't tried it yet, but hubby says it's good. YAY!} 

Ethylwolfe was a big helper.  
He removed every green top and sliced every strawberry {8cups worth} for our jam.

After dinner, I scurried away to GBoro to see Gone with the Wind on the big screen with Kris.

I got there early, so I decided to walk around and explore the downtown of GBoro.

I stopped by a small coffee shop {I don't drink coffee, but I needed something to keep me awake on my drive home}.  After gazing at the menu board, I noticed chai tea...I'm a major lover of chai tea, so I was going to give up on my idea of coffee and grab a chai to go{after-all, tea has caffeine too}.  But below the chai was something I had never seen before, it was a chai bomb.  A chai tea latte with a shot of espresso.  

Could it be the best of both worlds??

Yes, yes it was.

I added a little honey, and it was perfect.  
{The only downside, was that it was a hot drink on a hot day.}
I took cup in hand & sipped away as I window shopped downtown. 

Neither of us had seen Gone with the Wind on the big screen, so it was a nice treat.

To explain how much of a dork I am....
I have the movie, but apparently due to scratches, I've never seen the whole thing.  Only the second half.
I loved the movie before, but now I really love it :)

I arrived home safely right around 12:30.  

~The chai bomb completed it's mission successfully~


Jane said...

Remember being taken to the theatre by Mom and Dad with all my sisters to see this movie. There are only two movies I recall happening like that - the other being Ben Hur and my Dad's Mom went with us to that one. Dad also used to pile us into the car during the summer when you didn't have to pay for all the kids to go to the drive-in. Wasn't that much fun for me since mosquito ate me alive (just like they do now). I always felt so bad because I was the only one being bitten and was miserable which I'm sure made them feel bad too. Memories....

Marlan said...

As you know one of my best memories was seeing Gone With The Wind on the Cinerama Screen from the 3rd row. So glad you and Kris got to see it.

Jessica said...

cool when you caught straw berry in the garden and i wish i could do that someday and i wish that i can do that someday but sometimes my mom will let me not go sometime and i will think about during the day i will let know if i am not busy for the day i love you and miss you so much