Thursday, May 12, 2011

First Tooth

Dear 5 Year Old Son Of Mine,
The first time I met you, I cried tears of joy for getting to touch, kiss, smell, and see you.  Every moment of your life has been an adventure and a joy for me to be a part of.  Every smile, every milestone, every thing you did and said was always something I had to tell others about.  You got your first tooth at 3 months old and on May 2nd, you lost your first tooth.  That tooth now sits in a jar on your dresser that will collect all of your lost teeth. This tooth is a reminder of how the time has flown by.  Oh if my mind were perfect and I could contain every moment of you in a special jar, on a special shelf, in my mind.
I love you dear boy.
You are a treasure.


Jane said...

Trying to get caught up on my the pictures of the strawberries. Wish I could find someone to pick me a big bunch of them to keep frozen for smoothies or to add to Greek Yogurt. Have never enjoyed working in a garden - again - the bugs and even the leaves of different plants - allergic to all those things. Used to hate picking cucumbers and squash - the leaves would make my arms break out.

Marlan said...

What a special boy he is. So is his mother.

Jessica said...

cute pictures when Alex was little and big now tell him i said hi and love you and miss you so much